7 pandemic parents who are appreciating teachers more than ever

It seems that teachers across the nation are finally getting the appreciation they deserve, as many parents have started home schooling their children amid the coronavirus pandemic — and some are already feeling a little overwhelmed.  

We’ve found seven parents who are only just beginning to realise what life as a teacher is really like, while learning some important lessons along the way…

1. You need a lot of patience



2. Sometimes, you’ve just got to improvise.


3. It’s important to try and follow the curriculum.

 tweet 1.PNG



 4. Schedules can be difficult to stick to, so you’ve got to be able to think on your feet.


5. Things can get messy — but you’ve got to keep calm and carry on.


 6. Be prepared for a lot of questions you never thought you’d have to answer.


 7. And most importantly, always expect the unexpected.



Have you started home schooling this week? Do you have some funny stories to tell? 

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