Kelly's guide to working from home

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Our Teachers' Club Ambassador, Kelly Sattin, shares her top tips on remote working.

Week One – Done!

It’s been a strange week. Routines are out the window and we are still adapting to this ‘new way of life’. This is how my first week in lockdown has gone, along with some tips for getting through this.




No matter how you’re feeling, that’s okay

Whether you’re angry, upset, worried, anxious, determined or remaining positive, all those emotions and more are fine. It has taken me a good few days to come to a point of acceptance of the situation, along with continually reminding myself that I cannot change what is happening, but I can control how I act in this situation. If you need cry or shout, do it. Don’t bottle up how you’re feeling. Talk to someone.





Thank you, technology!

Where would we be without technology? Wifi, video calling and streaming services are all at our fingertips now. We are actually pretty lucky. 10/20 years ago, we wouldn’t have been able to keep in contact with our relatives and friends as well as we can now. So, although it’s not a nice feeling at all that we cannot freely go and see people, let’s utilise how we can keep in contact. I am facetiming my grandparents every day and I am speaking to some of my friends a lot more than I ever did before. Last week, one of my teacher friends and I followed an online fitness routine every day. We facetimed each other, stuck on YouTube and tried our best! We really enjoyed it, so will be doing it again this week.

This week, I also plan to use Zoom, use for virtual meetings but is also a great way to speak to many people at once, to read the class book to my class. I will let you know how that goes! We tested it out last week and the children loved being in the same ‘virtual room’ together. Spirits were high, but boredom has already set in for some of them!





Wish lists

I have decided to create wish lists for when we are able to get back to some form of normality. I have a list for each person that I cannot currently see (but am desperate to) and we are coming up with things that we want to do. For example, with one of my best friends, we plan to go to the beach. With my auntie, we plan to meet up somewhere local for a cup of tea and a cheese scone! With my boyfriend, it’s something as simple as giving each other a hug. I haven’t quite finished them all, but when I do, I’ll share what we have planned. It’ll be nice to have things to look forward to!





Don’t rush things

Us teachers are constantly on the go and working to meet deadlines. For most of us, that has become almost non-existent. For others, we are not sure what to do with ourselves! I am trying to enjoy this time of not having to rush around. I am someone who likes to be on the go and busy, but now cannot. So, I’m going to make the most of this time. I will enjoy having an extra 20 minutes at lunchtime; watching that extra episode of my favourite TV programme each day. Although these are worrying and quite scary times, we can utilise this time to recharge out batteries.






Keeping a routine

Although I am not rushing around quite as much, I have found it really beneficial to keep to some form of routine going. I am still getting up early, keeping to mealtimes, having a set time for exercise, setting time aside to update work for my class etc. This has helped me not to lose track of what day it is (as some of my teaching friends are already struggling with) as well as help take my mind off the news.



Despite us not being allowed to see one another, we are all here for each other. How was your first week of lockdown? What will you been doing to make the week more positive this week? Let us know. :-)

**Big Virtual Hugs**


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