You know you're a teacher when...

You’ll definitely recognise these all too familiar experiences!

1. You don’t know what a hot coffee tastes like 

2. You find yourself randomly using your teacher voice with your friends and family 

3. Sorting out the new seating plan is a stressful process

4. You’ve mastered the art of eating your food in under 10 minutes

5. You receive the strangest presents from students

6. You get really angry when others try to tell you how much free time and holidays you get

7. You spend a good proportion of your money on new stationery, which oddly excites you

8. You have to mentally de-stress when the disruptive kids keep messing around

9. You’ve been called Mum or Dad by most of your students

 10. The hardest part is saying goodbye to your class at the end of the school year


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