Game, Sketch & Match! Terms and Conditions

Full T&Cs for our summer term 2022 competition.

1. The first 100 teachers who enter will receive a free stationery pack.

2. Two winning pupils will be chosen (one from KS1 and one from KS2)

3. The winning pupils will be given £250 worth of stationery for their class,  a winner’s certificate and LTA equipment for the school (worth over £500)

4. The closing date for the competition is 11.59pm on Monday, 4th July 2022, unless otherwise specified.

5. Entries are only permitted via email, with the covering email to include the teachers' name, school name, school address and the email address registered to their Teachers’ Club UK account in the covering email. Entries without this info will be discounted.

6. The winners will be notified during w/c 11 July 2022, unless otherwise stated,

7. Reasonable attempts will be made to contact the winning teachers. If the winner does not respond within 7 days STAEDTLER (U.K) Ltd reserves the right to offer the position to a different entrant.

8. The full batch of pupil entries received by STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd. will not be shared with any third parties and will be privately shortlisted by STAEDTLER (UK) Ltd.

9. Shortlisted entries will be judged by STAEDTLER Teachers’ Club and STAEDTLER (U.K.) Ltd.

10. The winning schools will be asked to approve a press release about the competition results, which will be issued to local media.

11. Once the winners have been contacted, all entries will be destroyed.

12. Scanned entries of the shortlisted / winning designs will be shared on the Teachers’ Club website and social media channels, alongside the school name and, if approved by winning teachers, the first name of the pupils in question.

13. More than one class can enter from one school, but teachers should enter separately (through individual Teachers’ Club membership accounts).

14. Any entries drawn digitally or on plain paper (that is, not using official worksheets) will be counted, as long as the child’s name, age and school name is noted.

15. Please ensure that photographs or scans taken of the entries and sent via email are of a high quality, as STAEDTLER will not be able to count illegible entries.

16. All entries must be submitted by a teacher, unless either of the following is true:

-The child is home schooled
-Parents/guardians of children shielding at home are unable to send the entry to their child’s teacher via email or post. In which case, they are permitted to register as a Teachers’ Club member and submit the entry themselves.


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